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Thread: what can I expect?

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    Default what can I expect?

    been working on a project off and on for about 3 years.... took an old fiberglass deep vee hull 18 ft and modified it to a shallow vee while installing a Hamilton 751, total unladen weight about 2300 lbs- idea was roomy high sided boat for primarily shallow draft duck hunting on big water (Columbia River) and also river fishing.

    Got an OMC (120 hp 2.5) motor running and found a leak on the inside of the exhaust manifold, (previously repaired by welding), engine oil looks OK, but have not done any compression check yet. I have a sweet running Mercruiser 228 hp (Chevy 305) ready to drop in. Question...... what can I expect the results to be with the V8 driving the 751????

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    I would think that the boat be little heavier with V-8 in it, Sit lower in the back. The 751 was a one stage right? Going to have to change pitch of impeller and nozzle size to harness all those pony,s or 225 will will overspin that jet, It should go like a rabbit. once you getter all matched up!! If found a two stage would even be better, used fig. about 100hp per stage.
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