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Thread: Haul Rd Bow Hunting

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    Default Haul Rd Bow Hunting

    I traveled up the Haul Rd several weeks ago to Caribou hunt with my bow. This is the first time up the road in about 7 years, I used to make the trip quite a bit. While its a nice scenic drive and usually lots of wild life along the road it is a disappointment to get up there and realize just what a lot of bow hunters have turned into. I know that mistakes happen and you may try for some caribou and not realize that other bow hunters are already stalking them but there are alot of hunters who try and get out there before the "other guy". I think we all need to realize that we are hunters and hunter ethics should apply. I think a lot of people idolize (for lack of better words) bow hunters more. We are supposed to be more patient, and stealthier when we take are bow than if we venture out with a rifle. I wish we could all bring back the stealthy, patient, polite bow hunters in us. After all I don't need to try and steal the caribou that you are already stalking because I bow hunt for the thrill and the challenge of finding and stalking my own caribou. I have killed a lot of caribou by nothing more than hiding behind a rock or bush and wait for them to come to me. Lets bring back the Bowhunting Brotherhood of working with each other and up holding the code of ethics that all hunters should strive to follow.

    P.S. One bull did make the mistake of walking to close to the wrong rock this last trip. I shot him at 40 yards. Good luck to all you fellow bow and rifle hunters alike!!

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    You can't mention you shot one without posting a pic


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