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Thread: Snowmachining economic impact study

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    Default Snowmachining economic impact study

    For the group,
    Over at a snowmachine site I frequent there has been some vigorous conversation regarding the current State Parks management plan and the general anti-sledding attitudes of some DNR employees, and it's lit a fire under me.

    I'm taking it upon myself to conduct a study of snowmachining's impact on our state economy. I've talked to Kevin Hite, ASSA President and he's on board. Plus my wife works for the State at the Dept of Commerce. She's going to put me in contact with some state bean counters who have some of the data I need, and make sure this gets to the right people once it's done.

    My plan is to hit up all the dealerships, repair shops, accessory stores and as many lodges & roadhouses as I can for sales figures. I'm also going to contact DMV for registration numbers. Basically any business that caters to us. Besides sales figures, I'm looking for employment figures too. My goal is to build as complete a picture as I can.

    Once completed, I plan on distributing this report to every member of the State Legislature, the Commissioners of Commerce and DNR, AND Governor Parnell.

    The help I need is feedback from all of you.
    I put together a survey to assess the amount of money spent by snowmachiners on a per household basis.

    Please click the link and take the 2-3 minute survey I'm asking that you complete the survey and send it to me and that you spread the word to anyone you know who rides whether they're on AOD or not.

    The survey will also be available on the Anchorage Snowmobile Club's website soon.
    I will also be distributing it to every club in the state. I'm shooting for completion/publication date of this coming January 1st

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    Thanks for taking the time to do this, I took the survey, let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

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    I took the survey. It doesn't ask how money is spent on ice fishing accessed VIA snowmachine.

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    I filled it out, I just moved here this fall so my survey is a little different than some. My snow machine is my car in the winter and how I plan on getting things like groceries and supplies. The Kuskokwim becomes a road and is how many people get from the villages to Bethel for supplies. If we didn't have the river/ ice road I would be ordering all my supplies over the internet.

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    Not to burst your bubble, but....similar studies were conducted for the missing fish in Upper Cook Inlet. Just don't get your hopes up too high, is all.

    Bottom line: It ain't all about money. The folks you are dealing with are driven by other factors. These factors will become more obvious to you, as you go through the process.
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