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Thread: Setting up Garge for Processing

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    Default Setting up Garge for Processing

    Hi Guys & Gals-

    This weekend produced the first moose for both my hunting partner and I.....which is a darn good thing seeing I also bought a house with a garage this month specifically to process a moose in it Cart in front of the horse I know.....but the "horse" came and a 47" bull (DM770 any bull tag) is pretty big horse. What impressive animals, we feel pretty lucky. I am looking for advice as to how to set up the garage for efficient processing. Feeling pretty good to have the a specialized room in the house just for processing game isn't other words this need to be able to be put up and then taken down when done.

    I am especially interested in how you space things, and what work areas you have going at a given time.

    What I'm looking for:

    -Advice on the best value in knives & where to buy them in Anchorage
    -Time saving gizmos (for example my uncle recommeneds a "standing" butcher paper roll with a built in cutter).
    -Butching Diagrams- books or website- so we get the cuts "right"
    -Any "wish I'd known that when I started" advice

    For the record, we aren't complete rookies to processing, this is just our first time taking a whole moose from start to finish and I'm also going to be spending the money to outfit my garage so I'd like to get quality stuff at a reasonable price the first time around.

    Here's what I have so far:
    11x19 Garage (actually 21x19 but I'm trying to keep the processing area in one half)
    Good Meat Grinder
    Good friends to help out so: 1 guy cutting, 1 guy grinding, 1 guy packaging & labeling?

    Here's what I'm thinking:
    Connect Hose to Stand Up Utility Sink with Jerry Rigged Drain (more permanent solution will have to be in the future)
    3'x8' table for grinding and cutting
    1' x2' table for placing meat that needs to be packaged
    1'x2' table for packaging meat.
    Knives, Butcher Paper, Cleaning Supplies etc.

    Would like to go to Alaska Butcher Supply in Mt. View tomorrow after work (Tue Sept 22nd).


    Brett R

    "oops"......the edit post option doesn't let you edit the title so I guess I will forever look like the idiot who doesn't know how to spell "garage"
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    Default table leg extensions

    Never done it but heard a piece of advice one time and for some reason it stuck with me. Buy some PVC pipe and cut to fit on the table legs, to increase the height of the table. That way you won't be hunched over the entire time.

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    Default One more friend

    I just helped out the other night and we had four people and it worked out great. 2 for cutting one for grinding and the other wrapping. Also I second the suggestion on making your tables tall enough so you aren't bending over.

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    You might be able to find one of those posters with cutting diagrams on it at Alaska butcher Supply. Have a steel handy, a good wetstone for sharpening when your done for the day, and get everyone an apron so they can keep themselves relatively clean and rubber boots wouldn't hurt either. One thing I am doing this year is keeping all the trim and not grinding it and will grind it as we go. We will package it in 2lb packs and vacuum seal it all. Nothing like fresh ground moose!

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    Have a few 5 gal buckets with trash bags in them for scraps. It is always good not to get the scrap cuttings mixed up with the good meat! If you buy the big commercial wrapping paper rolls (Costco, Sams, 3-Bears...), you can simply run a razor knife the full length of the roll (1/4" at a time) till you get about 1/2 way through the roll and the sheets are about perfect for most packages. Once you get down past 1/2, the sheets need to be a bit more "customized".

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    Good tips there. I'll try the butcher paper idea.......which one of you guys bought the display model freezer paper cutter at Alaska Butcher Supply on Tuesday an hour before I got there? We've been laughing about that one in the garage a bunch because I'd been talking the thing up since the harvest.

    I'm very happy with how things are coming together in the garage. A couple of nights ago we BBQ'd the ribs and had five guys cutting and grinding and had a great time. Tonight will be our second "butching party", this time a "toast and a roast". The roast is, of course, moose meat. The toast is the mini-keg that was my La Bodega Liquor Store (next to Natural Pantry on Old Seward) Beer of the Month Club Oktoberfest "Present"- it's always a pleasant suprise I pick up my beers for the month but this one had me grinning from ear to ear as I knew the time for it............not to promote drinking or anything.

    Anyway, a 3' long 2x4 running across ceiling boards with bike hooks hung all four quarters perfectly. The grinder is on a table with the outlet hanging over the edge. A clean plastic storage bin sits atop two 4wheeler tires and is the perfect height to catch all that ground meat- 1 guy on that. A vac sealer is on the workbench- 1 guy on that for prime cuts. 2 guys butching quarters on another table and supplying the vac seal guy, grinder guy and the 5th guy who is working freezer paper at the same table 2 "butchers".

    The key to the whole thing however..............iPod speakers and really good american music!

    Incidentally, has anyone tried Indian Valley's Moose Bacon? Ground up all the bacon meat alreay but maybe next year.



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    Default pictures

    Well, show us what it looked like and how you have it set up.


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