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Thread: Where to flyfish in Interior AK during October

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    Default Where to flyfish in Interior AK during October

    I want to get some fall fly fishing in but don't know where to go nearby. Does anyone have any good ideas for fishing around Fairbanks area or a few miles out? I don't have a boat so I need good access areas but I want to get some good fishing in before it gets too cold..leme know thanks

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    The only flyfishing you'll be doing around Fairbanks in October will be in an indoor swimming pool.

    Actually there should still be a little silver fishing still available on the Delta Clearwater to about mid-October with a complementary grayling here and there using an egg pattern of some sort.
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    You might want to try up CHSR like twin bears and other stocked lakes. If they are not frozen these might be good to hit up as most of these fish will be winter killed and they are small and easy access. also chena lakes and all other local pits and ponds. if you have other questions or need more direction pm me.


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