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Thread: Any info on deer hunting Kodiak by boat?

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    Default Any info on deer hunting Kodiak by boat?

    A group of us are talking about taking my boat to Kodiak area for deer in 2010.
    Any info would be good.
    I hunted it years ago by ferry then zodiac around shore. Found all deer on top of hills because of time of year and also bad winter kill.

    This time, I'll be using my 18ton boat from Homer to where ever, then skiff to shore.
    Any info will be taken in. Time of year for shore hunting has to be the later the better, but I am thinking earlier the better for calmer water from Homer.

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    Alot depends on when you go. I did a mid November hunt several years ago and we did our hunting right off shore, on big flats where the does congregated. The rut was in full swing. I assume your doing an October hunt though.
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