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Thread: Black Box: Fish Killer or Hocus Pocus?

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    Default Black Box: Fish Killer or Hocus Pocus?


    I've heard a lot about black boxes being used for trolling, but I've never used one myself. The believers seem to rely on them to create a field of positive ions when trolling for salmon (especially when using downriggers), and they swear you'll catch more fish. It's a cheap tool ($100 or so), so it might be worth trying.

    So, I'm curious what everybody's experience with them has been. Are they an effective tool, or is it more difficult than it's worth?

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    No experience on my boat but my good friend swears by the two on his boat. The only other guy I have talked to about it seems to think his helps as well.

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    Yeah...some folks really do swear by them. I haven't used them, but the line voltage on my riggers wasn't too far out of line with what some have told me is the "sweet spot". It's been a few years, so I may be wrong, but I believe between 0.6 and 0.8 is what folks shoot for, and it varies a bit by species (someone please jump in if I have this wrong). I think where you'd get the most benefit is if your riggers are naturally (without the boxes) running a line voltage significantly out of the preferred range...then you could correct it.

    I started a thread on line voltage a while back and got some interesting feedback:

    In that older thread, one member mentioned that the manual for the Scotty black box would get you in the ballpark...I found the manual online and it's quite helpful:

    Good luck
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    Default I would worry

    That the electrical current induced on the down rigger wire would accelerate electrolysis on the boat motor and aluminum hulls.
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    I`ve played with the gain switch on my riggers and have found no difference...I personally leave them off and still get quick limits.


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