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Thread: Best lures for chum salmon

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    Default Best lures for chum salmon

    What are the best lures/flies to use for chum salmon. I will be up in the Noatak for 13 days in August and want to catch some. I got skunked last time. Not sure what the problem was. Most likely me. Any suggestions on lure/flies/techniques would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Chums

    Every chum that I've caught has been incidental while targeting silvers. Chums are very aggressive and I've caught them on everything from Vibrax and Mepps size 4-6, Russian River flies, yarn, and roe. I gotta say those chums are fierce fighters. Lots of fun for sure!

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    Default Chums

    Dan - Chums are a riot on a flyrod. For Spinners use a Hot Pink or Green Vibrax. For flies anything Chartruse, Showgirls, Pink bunnies. Find the fish holding. Start with a slow retrieve and speed it up till they start hitting. They are a ball. You might try for some Pinks on your flyrod too. They are fun too. Good luck

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    Default Dawg! It's a chum!

    In my opinion, that fish is the angriest salmon that ever swam. Even when it throws your hook (and the chum is the species that rises and shakes its head when struck) it will continue to jump around and crash on its side just to remind you not to mess with him!

    My vote?
    Pixee spoon; .75 oz., orange insert

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    Default chums

    where is an excellent place to hook them?
    Hike faster. I hear banjo music.

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    In the mouth :-)

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    Default thanks.

    I knew that was coming...
    Hike faster. I hear banjo music.

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    Default Dogs Dogs and More Dogs........

    I know, I am a big help........

    Bird Creek has a Chum season that holds MONSTER dogs. The trailrace is building up a fair population, and the matanuska river holds high numbers. Ship creek has a couple dogs stroll through every now and then. Parks highway streams are great for chums too.

    You can usually tell which fisherman/women are from out of state. I dont know how many times I have seen a tourist proudly display his chum or pink salmon thats in no way fit to keep. Eveyrone knows how nasty those dogs can be right before spawning stage. They would strutt their stuff walking up and down the bank while talking about what a monster it is and how hard it fought. It can be quite comical.


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