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Thread: Improving sat phone recep

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    Default Improving sat phone recep

    Has anyone noticed that using a sat phone from INSIDE your tent, you are able to retain the signal better and for longer periods of time? We noticed it up north caribou hunting last time and wondered. So during our moose hunt a this year, I made a call from inside the tent and talked for over 30 minutes and never lost the signal or dropped the call. Friend used the phone right after me outside the tent and could only talk for about 5 minutes at a time. Not sure if the tent poles help with the signal or what!!??

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    When using a satellite phone, the satellites are moving across the sky. To the person on the ground nothing has changed. For all we know the satellite you were using was out of range for good communication when your friend was using it. What every the reason, the tent poles were not helping you.


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