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    Would a savage 11 fxp3 223 be a good firearm for predators

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    There have been a few posts here about predator calibers so you might do a search. Personally I am using a T/C Encore chambered in .223 but haven't connected with a predator with it yet. There is an abundance of predator hunting information in the forums at so you might look there too. As far as I can tell, .22-250, .223, and the .204 are pretty common calibers (as well as many others) for predators.

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    I've been taking fox, sea otters and seals with my .222 rem. which happens to be my first rifle, I'm having it converted to a .20 tactical. less recoil and better balistics are the reason.

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    That's a good combo Codfish. I've been shooting the caliber since it first came out, and its predecessor 222 Mag before that. And it's hard to knock Savage for durability and quality at a reasonable price.

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    we used a lot of .243 for coyote and bobcat in Michigan. I have since found many more ballistic options available for the .223, which makes this caliber more appealing to me. Always wanted to do some of that great plains praire dog hunting and .223 is the cal of choice.
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    Default 223 for varmint

    I have used Rem. 223ís for everything from ground squirrels to coyotes. There are tons of bullets out there for this cartridge. If you are wanting to keep the pelts, keep the velocities lower and used non-expanding bullets. I have used 62gn solids at about 2800 fps. They drop the critter on the spot and leave 2 small holes on the outside and one hell of a mess on the inside. If you want to shoot to just eliminate the critter, any of the ballistic tips, HP or SP pushed to 3000+ fps will drop them quick and open them up. In short, 223 Rem. will take care of any varmint you are looking to dispatch.
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