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    Default Update - Shipping Costs

    I got back to Syracuse, NY about midnight August 30 so I can bring shipping cost more in line with current time.

    NAC ships only within the state of Alaska (according to their phone conversation).

    I hunted blacktail deer and fished in the ocean so I had two, 50 pound boxes of vacuum packed, frozen meat to ship. On NAC's recommendation, I contacted Alta Air Logistics (in Anchorage). The price they quoted was $2.48 per pound.

    Here is my final solution. You can have checked baggage booked through 4 legs of a journey and pay only the upfront carrier. I had 5 legs (the fun of "free" trips). ERA sent me to Anchorage with no fees for my 3 bags (the standard for Alaska Air within the state). Now I had just 4 legs left. Alaska Air sent my checked baggage through to Syracuse for $75 - first bag free, second bag $25, & 3rd bag $50. I figured that was a great deal.

    Of course, my gear ended up in St. Louis (a place I didn't even come near) but, at least the frozen stuff arrived partially frozen & on time.

    On a side note (pertaining to a recent post) - my nephew killed a cow caribou off the Steese highway (our hunt before Kodiak). It cost him almost $400 to have Delta Meats process it into slim jims and other cuts. Maybe you can have meat processed for 50 cents per pound but when you have specialty stuff made from your game meat, the price goes UP.

    Also (we older people are allowed to ramble somewhat) - the thread about shooting out a cabin window was hilarious - maybe it started out to be serious but I thought it "lightened up" the general tone of recent posts which I think was a great idea.

    And furthermore - I brought home ALL the meat from my blacktail in spite of being a "head hunter". Every animal I have shot (including 3 moose) have been utilized by me, family, and friends.
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    For the info. Glad your hunt went well. How about some pics!


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