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Thread: Why ? Do you leave home to go to work?

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    Default Why ? Do you leave home to go to work?

    Why ?? do you work ?

    ans: YOU NEED the $$

    The reason and purpose for this thread is to pose a question.

    If you could make as much money at home, would you give up your job to stay home ?

    Many of the people who post here, have a much better way or method to earn an income other than going to work for someone else.

    That is what this post is all about : to encourage you. to inspire you to THINK.

    Many of you have a spare room or a garage. A Garage is perfect for .. ..

    TEACHING !! All you have to do is place an ad and watch what happens.

    YOU WILL GET STUDENTS.. now, what can you teach ? I know from the posts here, you can teach lots of different techniques or subjects.

    Teach prople how to use photoshop, there is a huge interest here in Barrow lately due to our recent advertising campaign. We were asked to do this by certain people in very high places, They want feedback from the community.

    My sons will be teaching carving.

    They want me to teach 3D and Photography

    Here in Barrow, in order to work for the NSBSD you must be a certified teacher with credentials. We possess none of those requirements.

    BUT.. you, in your area can teach the public from your home, garage or other business area you might have available.

    This is how it works: This is what I did for 20 years back east and it works anyplace, I did the same in Wash State and in Alaska.

    200 bux for an 8 week course. one night a week per student. 5 students per night

    that is an extra 5k in your pocket easily every 8 weeks. Each class is only 4 hours long. So this is something you can do after work to make extra bux for extra equipment and such.

    So ???

    What can you teach ??

    Creative Color Photography

    Printing & correcting color photographs.

    Framing matting photographs

    Photoguide business for tourists.

    There are so many ways to generate an income from the public (sources).

    People want to learn, the economy is in shambless in the lower 48. People having a hard time finding a job etc.

    This is just something for you to think about. You all have skills !!

    This is all second nature for me only because I have been successfully doing this since the early 70's.

    I knew work was going to be scarce on the east coast, they go through this dry construction phase every decade. I wanted to have a job making money doing something I enjoyed and Photography was my obsession.

    If you treat photography as a job, and put in the time and beat the streets with your portfolio, ... .. you will generate sales !!

    If I can do this.. .. anyone can !! We put a sign up inside the bank here in town yesterday, suddenly a crowd was reading the poster we placed about how to edit or correct torn ripped photos in photoshop, People were amazed. "Where do I sign up to learn how to do this" ?

    Show & Tell it is that simple. Teach people how to design & create - beautifually designed post-cards & Note-cards. Teach printing techniques if you have a good printer. (Epson) TOPS in the field !!

    do you go hunting a lot ? Then place your services in an ad as a guide.

    Photo guide and instructor or hunting guide.. you have so many options.

    When I was a child.. ONE THING never made any sense to me.

    A man meets a woman and falls in love and gets married and then LEAVES HOME to spend more time with strangers and co-workers !!

    Uh Uh.. I hated leaving home, I much rather stay home and work doing MY THING !!

    ALL YOU NEED: Is an idea that you continue to develop !!

    "thanks for taking the time" I hope I got you thinking !!

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    i'll teach ... left handed writing for right handed

    how to curse like a sailor and still sound intelligent

    how to properly wear a belt

    how to wear headgear properly

    and finally every friday is a wonderful class of .....

    wait for it ...........

    wait for it .........

    Ethics of the Online Community.....

    If you cant stand behind the troops in Iraq.. Feel free to stand in front of them.

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    I've been self employed for nearly a decade. As soon as I close on my house in Palmer, I'll be able to work from my basement. No long commute for me!

    I started my first business with a screwdriver and a computer. Now that I've moved here, I'll be doing it again.

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    Well good luck !! I sincerly wish the best for you in your quest !!

    Generating an income - from home - doing what you want to do (everyday) is the best life possible.

    I walk to work.. .. every day. six steps no traffic !!

    Isn't life GRAND !!


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