Last week I had a buddy come up from Oregon and he wanted to fish for silvers. I took him to montana creek and we nailed our limits of bright fish and went home. We decided to go back last weekend, and all the silvers were gone. Luckily I had my fly rods in the car and we decided to go fish for rainbows. We went up stream and I tied on a couple prince nymphs, (all my bead's were at home) and we started nailing big heavy rainbows left and right, I saw one in there that looked like he was 30 inches. We counldn't get him to bite though. I have been up here for 4 years now, and never really fished for rainbows because I was always more focused on salmon. I have really been missing out on some great fishing opportunities. Now I can't wait to go out there again and hook into a few more of these awesome fish.