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Thread: Waterfowl report Sep 1 through Sep 12

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    Default Waterfowl report Sep 1 through Sep 12

    Waterfowl has been awesome this year. I limited out every day I was out. I was out about 8 days out of the 12 that I had off. Lots of Mallards, Pintails and Widgeon this year. I haven't been seeing as many teal though. My buddy shot 1 canvasback then another one the day after. I finally had my chance at a crane. We were stuck in the nasty spot on the quad trail at the hayflats, and working to get the quad out. I looked up and 3 cranes were right on top of us, almost hovering. Unfornuately the guns were packed away, and we couldn't get them out in time to get a shot off. That is still haunting me. We almost had a big flock of geese come in on us, we had them in about 40 yards out of shooting range, and they saw my swan decoys, I'm not sure if that spooked them or not, but they saw something they didn't like and turned off. Another haunting experience there. It has been a great season so far. I can't wait to get out there again this weekend.
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    Sounds like you are having a great year! Most of the reports I am hearing are not that good. I am glad someone is into the birds.

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    Default headin' out this weekend

    I will be heading out this weekend. First hunt of the year.


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