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Thread: Fish processor near Soldotna

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    Default Fish processor near Soldotna

    Guys i need a good place to get my salmon vac packed and froze next summer. I went to Coal Point in Homer and they were OUTSTANDING. We brought our fillets in to them and they packed and froze them for 1.05 per pound. we got back what we brought in. I could not have been happier. We stopped at Echo Lake Meats last year and bought some meat from them. Thier fresh brats were not edible. I bought 6lbs from them out of the fresh meat case and we cooked them on the grill 30 minutes later and no one could eat them. Their salmon dip was incredible however. Any way i need a place to take our reds to when i am in Soldotna as we wont be driving to Homer every day like we did last year. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Default Fish packing

    Try Seafoods of Alaska on the kenai spur highway.


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