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Thread: Carrot and Potato winter storage

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    Default Carrot and Potato winter storage

    I am in the process of digging my potato and carrot garden crop. Looking for suggestions on winter storage. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    We are going to can quite a few of our taters.....
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    For Potatoes, old plastic milk crates work good because they allow air to circulate. Just store them in a cool place like a garage, etc. Just dont allow them to freeze, and re-arrange them in the crate once in a while and peel off any sprouts.

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    thanks for the info ..

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    Default tubers..

    Potato tubers should be stored in bins or crates in areas that are free of disease organisms. Washing your storage containers down with a disinfectant ( bleech and water soultion) several days prior to storage will help reduce storage rot problems.
    Right after the sweating period ( the time you allow any wounds to heal keep them around 57-64 degres F for a few days), your tubers should be stored in a humid area at a temperature near 40 degrees F, if the tubers are for eating or to be used for seed potatoes. If you are going to make french fries they are typically stored at 45 degrees F, if you plan on tubers for potato chips they can be stored at temps of 50 to 55 degrees F. If stored at temps below 36 degrees F, potatoes will become sweet (starches turn to sugars). If potatoes become sweet, exposing them to room temperature for a few days tends to make them taste normal.
    Tubers held in storage for too long or at the wrong temp or humidity may break dormancy. Your tubers will start to shrivel and sprout. Tubers that do this should be used as quickly as possible to stop anymore breakdown and decay.

    Hope it helps with your storage questions.



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