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Thread: Chum Salmon On The Fly

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    Default Chum Salmon On The Fly

    Is it hard to catch Chum on the fly rod. I will be up in the Noatak Preserve for 13 days in August. Last time I was there I saw alot of them but could not get them to bite. Any suggestions on flies to use and techniques would be most greatly appreciated.

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    Default techniques for chums...

    They can be a bit moody but with a little perserverance you should be able to have some fun with them. Fuscia, chartruse, or sometimes black bunny flie on a #2 wieghted hook will provoke a strike. Like most salmon get it down to the level they are at. Start with drifting it in front of them, if that doesn't work a slow stripping motion progressing to a faster strip sometimes work. If you find them stacked up in slower water they will strike a top water fly, don't be afraid to retrieve it at a fast pace. Normaly they are not all that difficult to catch once you find the right button to push. Great fighters. one of my favorites, and if they are still bright aren't all that bad on the grill!


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