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    Default Bear parts

    SO my friend was out hiking and came across what appears to be a dead bear killed by another bear. Its a putrid mass mostly buried under soil and sod with no fresh sign around it. Its mostly eaten but the claws and skull are still there.
    Is it legal to remove these parts. If so are there any tips for preservining the claws

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    Default pictures tell a thousand words

    take a bunch of pictures and get a good a discription of the scene......if you do this you can take the skull to fish and game and get it sealed just like a harvested doesn't count against your bag limit for the claws you need to get all the meat/tissue off of them, salt them and they should be fine...there is a bone inside that may eventually come out as they dry....if you wanted to when this happens you could boil the bone and soak it in a mild bleach mix for a day.....then dry it and glue it back in........

    good find......i found a cub buried on the peninsula once but all i got was a busted jawbone...
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    It is legal. Great find!

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    Default cool Necklace

    Dad found a dead one floating in PWS last year and took it to F&G, got it sealed, made a Mountain Man claw necklace out of them. Didnt ask him how many Q's they had for him seen as how a guy could be dishonest/poach one to get the claws and stuff. Didnt seem to be a problem though


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