My .348 Ackley Improved project is coming to a very satisfiying conclusion. After waiting 21/2 months for dies that never got ordered, I settled for a neck sizer bushing die. The die showed up only days after I ordered it, so I got to work up some loads the other day. Started with 66gr of H4350/200gr Hornady and went to 73gr. Best groups was 1" at 70 yds and I put 8 out of 10 in a 2" circle with 72gr so I settled with the 72gr. For me with peep sights, probably the best I'll do. The 72gr averaged 2830fps with the 200gr. Deer season is about 3 weeks away so maybe this dog might get lucky and find a bone. And then, we'll go after elk on my late season tag.