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Thread: Newhalen Gorge Raft Trip Next Summer

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    Default Newhalen Gorge Raft Trip Next Summer

    Hello, I'm looking for interested parties to go whitewater rafting the Newhalen Gorge with a professional guide and myself. The estimated date is in mid-July. The estimated cost is around $650 per person for four people. I've scouted it out and others have done it. I'm just looking for some fellow adrenaline seekers. Let me know if you are interested and we can work towards a date to raft. Cheers!

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    Hey, I did that trip summer of 2007 in 14' paddle w/ stern oars and it was awesome. Ran the Gorge but the third rapid was INCREDIBLE (90 deg s-turn w/ river drop). The whitewater was very rare for the Alaska type. Are you looking for any body to go? I would be willing, I have boats and knowledge. It aslo has great fishing if yooure into that. email


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