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Thread: Ptarmigan near Homer ?

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    Default Ptarmigan near Homer ?

    Will be moving to Homer this April. And have been reading this forum for a couple weeks and it seems like Fairbanks or the Denali Hwy are the so called hot spots for Ptarmigan I'm not looking for spots just someone to tell me i can get my Boykin into some Ptarmigans close to Homer Thanks

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    Probably north of town in the caribou hills. I would look for the pheasants right in and just out of town.

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    Yes there are some ptarmigan in "the hills". They are pretty far and few between, but they can be found at times. There are also alot of spruce grouse around as well and if you are into ducks and geese, there is good hunting up at the head of the bay.

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    Default Pockets

    The C Hills have pockets of them. A better place to look for them would be in the Mystery Hills, Fuller Lakes, or around Summit Lake They will be high this time of year until the snow pushes them down.

    There used to be a resident flock by the Caribou Lake Lodge (she fed them).

    I have harvested a few around the Kenai boat Harbor, but then I found out it's illegal to shoot there.


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