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Thread: 300 roy, 180 grain spire point

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    Default 300 roy, 180 grain spire point

    Was wondering if anyone had shoot and had experiences with the weatherby ammo in .300 roy shooting 180 grain spire points. My chrono confirmed that 3240-50 fps and accuracy was great. Any experiences in the field? Will these adequately hold up at the .300 velocities?
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    I would think the regular HDY Sprie Point in the WBY ammo would work just fine if used properly. I would avoid doing shoulder shots very close in, but other than that, I would hope the HDY would do a fine job. I used alot of HDY bullets and they hold up well, even when driven really fast. They don't retain 100 percent of their weight, but they always expand well, and penetrate well. Scotty


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