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    Hey i just got back a couple of days ago I got my bow sighted back in and I dont have much time and my hunting will be on Ft Wainwright. I have only seen one moose on post since I've been back. Has anyone seen any Bull Moose? Anyone have any luck on post this season? Thanks for any help.


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    Default For starters

    Welcome Home and Thank you for serving (assuming you were overseas)

    Second- there is a thread in here about someone being successful on post with a bull at 100 yards with a bow.

    Third, you can hunt ALL of the Fairbanks Management Area with a bow if you are cerified through the end of the month. I wont tell any of my fav spots as I am may well be there too or my buddies, but there are moose around. You just have to get after them.

    Last, less aggressive calling around town seem to work best.


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