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Thread: DB301-Seward Brown Bear Info

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    Default DB301-Seward Brown Bear Info

    I have a Brown Bear permit for the Seward area, and am looking for any advice anyone might have for the area. The hunt area basically runs from Seward to Cooper Landing across to Moose Pass, east to Kings Bay then south to Cape Fairfield. I am familiar with the area; this is not the classic "did not do the research beforehand" type of post. But with many seasons having been open for a month now, if anyone has seen any good bears in any certain areas while out chasing moose, black bears, goats, trout, etc., and wanted to share that information, feel free to pm me.

    Also, this is my first time chasing brown bears. I would rather shoot an OK sized bear with a good hide than a monster with a marginal hide. For all you bear experts out there, how will hides compare now vs. in a month vs. in the spring season? Any ideas and thoughts are appreciated.

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    I hiked from Snug Harbor Road to Upper Russian lake last week. I didn't see any bear but saw a ton of sign including a pile of scat that was big enough to warrant me taking a picture!

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    Snow river valley has decent bears and decent visibility. The Resurrection River valley has lots of bears but is very thick. Bear creek and Salmon creek in Seward have tons of bears and they are a nuisance. I mean dogs chase them and kids throw rocks at them which is an accident waiting to happen......
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