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    Default English Pointers

    I'm trying to get some good info on local English Pointer breeders. Anyone to recommend or stay away from? I'm new to Alaska, and just moved to Eagle River, now I'm looking to get my hunting partner.

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    You might try contacting the Arctic Bird Dog Association folks -

    Best of luck to you & welcome to Alaska!


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    Default english pointers in ak

    Great dogs but......
    As a member of ABDA, I really dont know of any english pointer breeders in alaska. I dont think I have seen any individual dogs either. They just dont seem to be a popular breed here in alaska.
    That is probably due their short coat and reputation as bigger running dogs. It is not to say they couldnt be good alaskan bird dogs, it is just that I have not seen them around here.
    I saw plenty in Montana though. Folks here seem to go for the more versatile breeds.

    Maybe if you can contact a few reputable breeders outside alaska, they can tell you if they know of any dogs or breeders here.
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