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Thread: Big Lake Ice Fishing Report

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    Default Big Lake Ice Fishing Report

    Over the four day weekend I caught 26 inch Char,25 inch Char, 21 inch Char(which i would have let go if it didnt inhale my lure),17 inch fat Rainbow(First bow from big lake and it was a beauty), caught some smaller char and landlocks salmon that were let go to catch when they are bigger and missed 2 good sized burbot. most action was in the afternoon which was wierd cause ive always had better luck there in the mornings in the past. I wanted to get one of the monster fish that i know that are in there on this long weekend but i have to settle for what i got which wasnt to shabby, alot of people go out there and fish all day and dont even manage a nibble(which i have done many times) i feel very lucky to have gone out four days in a row and not get skunked. well thanks to the four letter word- work- the fish get a break for a week.

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    Default Monster fish

    Speaking of.....

    Several years ago I was fishing around Burnt point with a few other folks and got to see a guy bring up a 13# char. The thing barely fit through his hole! We were all jigging various spoons and he had switched to a blue Ratl-trap and was jigging it. He only caught the one fish on it, but it was a beauty!

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