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Thread: FN Patrol 308 at CDNN

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    Default FN Patrol 308 at CDNN

    Anyone have experience with the FN Patrol rifles in 308 that have been on sale at CDNN for some time now? Noticed that Wilsons is dressing them up and reselling for a serious markup.

    I'm interested in the 20" fluted barrel XP model. Want a totable 308 that has very good accuracy (at least sub MOA). Want it to shoot well out to 500 yds. I realize it's a heavy gun (9+ lbs unscoped). For my purposes that's not much of an issue.

    Also, any preferences on magazine vs floorplate models? Any feeding issues?

    Primarily interested in anyone's experience with the model. I'm really curious.
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    Can you provide a link or a pic?

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    I have an FN SPR A3 G that shoot lights out. Half inch groups are easy at 100 yards. I think that the rifle that you are describing is a little different. You have to look at the specifics of the rifle. Some of the lesser FN rifles are control round push feed rather than a more traditional control round feed model seventy action. My action was actually built at the Winchester factory in Conneticut prior to its closure in 2006. FN makes great barrels. The several new production model 70s I have shoot better than I expected. The gun you descibed will probably shoot well regardless of the action.

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    I am at work and pure firearms sites are blocked. If you go to and download their pdf file catalog, you can see the FN PBR's that they're offering. IIRC they're on about page 21 of the 2009-3 catalog.

    I was able to do some more research since my initial post. PBR's are out there with both push feed and claw extractors. Apparently some are US rollmarked and older guns Belgium rollmarked.

    Whatever the case, every internet review I was able to find indicated easy 1MOA peformance from federal match ammo or equivalent, and many approaching .5MOA. Other accounts indicated .5 or even a little less with some load development. People were pleased that it came with a 20 minute cant to the rail.

    Was only able to find one or two folks who were getting over 1 MOA and, reading between the lines, my conclusion was that the individual was either not capable or not aware of what it takes to shoot at that level. Tipoffs were amusing, stuff like "this was supposed to be my first really accurate gun", "got 1.5" groups with my old standby milsurp ammo", or "I decided to go whole hog and spent over $100 on a scope", etc.

    CDNN is selling it in three basic formats - a med weight bbl, a heavy fluted bbl, and one with a brake. Some have floorplates and some have magazines. It was obvious to me which one to get. I ordered the .308, 20" fluted bbl with floorplate. (I would have gotten the one with the mag but they were sold out in the bbl format I wanted).

    They also have actions and barrelled actions. Action alone is a 308. IIRC the barrelled actions are 300 WSM.

    The few comments I saw on the trigger were good - the consensus was it's adjustable and breaks clean.

    Only complaints I was able to find had to do with the hogue overmolded stock. Obviously many BR/accuracy types want a McMillan stock or equiv. You can order stocks from McMillan, Bell and Carlson, etc., but there are issues in particular with the magazine version. Seems you have to open up the mag area to clear it on some of the readily available offerings. I didn't run this issue completely to ground though. Just concluded that I might have to do a little carving, or not, to get a stock upgrade onto the gun if I can't use the Hogue.

    I'll hold off further comment/judgment until I get it and shake it out. Given my work schedule it may be a month or two.


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