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Thread: 5.7 inboard oil change

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    Default 5.7 inboard oil change

    How is everyone changing their oil with those cheap hand pumps? I've tried twice now to stick the pump down the dipstick tube and suck the hot oil out with no luck. The most oil I can get out is 1.5 quarts out of 5.5 quarts total.

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    Had good luck with this one...

    But eventually switched to a oil pan drain plug/hose adapter which basically is a long hose from the oil pan drain plug. Run the hose out the boat drain hole to the outside of the boat, and unscrew the cap. All the oil will drain out.

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    I also have the drain hose attached to my oil pan, it is long enough and small enough to go through my bilge drain hole. It leaves absolutely no mess, it is the only way to go

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    I had the hose to the transom drain arrangement on the Thunderjet I owned before I bought my Kingfisher. It worked really well, and was frankly easier than changing the oil on my honda outboards.

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    Run the hose that comes from the drain plug on the oil pan out the drain hole at the transom. I do this in the afternoon and my morning the next day it is drained. I have also seen a pump hooked to the oil drain hose from the pan, stuck out of the drain hole at the transom and it sucks the oil out through the drain hose in about 5 minutes. They did it at the launch when they took the boat out.
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    Default Oil Change Pump

    Might have to try the hose thing.
    What I have now is a Jabsco pump that threads right on to the garden hose threads that are on my 4.3L Mercs dipstick tube.
    Tried a few other pumps with less than satisfactory results.
    I believe all Merc engines have these threads on the dipstick tube.


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