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Thread: What happened on the Yukon?

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    Unhappy What happened on the Yukon?

    Saw in the paper where a boat flipped 50 miles out of Tanana. 3 in the boat, 1 missing...Anyone know what happened?

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    Default Yukon River fatality

    Here's a link from this morning's paper:

    This is the eleventh recreational fatality in Alaska this year; in every case, they were capsized/swamped and/or falls overboard. Most were not wearing life jackets and alcohol was a factor in several of the fatalities. Stability in small boats isn't something we normally talk about much and you'd think that standing up in a small boat would be fairly easy to avoid as would overloading....yet, every year we see overloaded boats and people standing up to land a fish from a skiff. Think about that the next time you go out in a small boat. Boat Safe. Mike

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    Default It breaks my heart

    Reading accounts such as this strikes close to home. I will be on that stretch of river Friday, and will pass their property and traditional camp a bit later.
    As I understand, every year the family hosts a big barbecue get together on the Nowitna River. I personally have never made it. The loss of the family member this year will affect a large group of people who did make a tradition out of the annual gathering.
    My condolences to the family and friends who are affected by this loss.
    Regardless of the specific circumstances of this tragedy, Mike does offer up a very good reminder. For me and the people in my boat, PFDs are mandatory apparel.
    Best of luck to all of you boaters this year. I pray for your safe travels.

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    Was there ever any info why it all of sudden started to sink? Just curious.

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    If you follow the news link there is a link to their family webpage. Sounds like a great family, my prayers go out for them.


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