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Thread: Tried H4895 in the 6.5 Swede

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    Default Tried H4895 in the 6.5 Swede

    I have a bunch of H-4895 for some reason... It seems rather light per volume, plus it measures well from a powder thrower. So I figured that I would see how it did in the 6.5x55 Swede.

    Why burn a bunch of powder on targets..??

    I used Lapua Brass, Federal 210 match primers, a 3.100 COL and a light roll crimp.
    Using a 120 grain Sierra Match King Boat-Tail, the best load came out using 38.0 grains of H-4895 (for this powder)
    From my CG-63 I had an average of 2,785 fps and a 1.1 inch group at 100 yards.
    From my m/96 I had an average of 2,749 fps and a 0.75 inch group at 100 yards.
    It was a little dirty around the neck but not horrible.

    I also tried this powder with the 140 grain SMK's and I could never get a group under 2 inches with either rifle...Go figure.....

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    Go figure, is right. Interesting enough, it's the go-to powder in all three of my 7x57's with 140 grain bullets, but stinks with 150 and above. Kind of makes me wonder about the picture with a 260 Rem. I was once recommended as THE powder for standard vel 257 Roberts, but I couldn't get it to perform well in any rifle with bullets heavier than 87 or 90 grains. Yet it was the best powder going with that weight!


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