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Thread: Where to get boat painted?

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    Default Where to get boat painted?

    I'm looking to get my baby a nice new coat of paint during the off season, and am looking for a pro to do the work. I don't trust myself to do the job well enough. She's a 2006 Fishrite 20' Kenai Lite. Just wondering if there is someone in Anchorage that paints boats and does good work. I am also looking to get some diamond plating put on the bow, so if it was a one stop shopping outfit that could do both that would be great.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I don't know who could paint up there in Anchorage, but make sure they know how to paint aluminum with the proper paint, maybe get an expoxy type. Also maybe consider a vinyl job (less expensive). I have seen wooldrige boats re-wrap some of their older boats and they look like new again, and I pretty sure that someone in Anchorage can do that as well.

    Food for thought, but doesn't really answer your question.


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    Default know a good guy in wasilla

    PM me if you are interested. He painted a buddies Kenai boat and did a great job and was very reasonable too.


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