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Thread: Arctic Tern Question

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    Default Arctic Tern Question

    I attempted to get the answer on Google already but no luck. On the Interstate website, it says.....

    Interstate Aircraft Company has undertaken to further refine the Arctic Tern as the ultimate STOL aircraft, including the following improvements to the original S-1B2:
    - Replace wooden wing spars with aluminum box extrusion for increased capacity and better service life.
    - Replace steel lift struts with aluminum for reduced weight and better service life.
    - Replace fixed-pitch propeller with constant-speed for better takeoff performance and higher cruise speeds.
    - Upgrade instrument panel, instruments, avionics, and electrical system to modern standards.
    - Incorporate Dual Seaplane doors for added safety and convenience.
    So.........the Tern, such as this one,
    ARCTIC TERN $60,000 AVAILABLE FOR SALE 1982 Arctic Tern S1B2 150
    have wooden spars?

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    All of the terns built prior to the sale from Bill Deihl (1980s) have wood spars as far as I know. The new owner (who died of an industrial accident during the certification of the new model with alum spars) added that to the approval. If the newest owner from their website starts building them again they will have alum spars.

    No need to worry about wood spars any more than aluminum, in some ways they are better, and some not. Either one needs a proper inspection when the time comes. Mine has been a great little plane.

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    A buddy of mine is selling a tern that was made experimental and is currently on floats in SE. Very good performing plane. I think he only wants around 35K!

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    Why was it "made" experimental? There are maybe three or four, four place Terns that are experimental but other than that, something would have had to be done that invalidated the TCDS. Any idea what it was?


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