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Thread: interior birds on the move?

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    Default interior birds on the move?

    was headed to town this evening (dd for the boys nite out) and noticed a bunch of decent flocks headed out of town. Looks like things might finally start heating up? Or am I just late as usual in noticing things haha!?!?

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    Default snow push

    I heard they are getting some colder temps and some snow up North to start pushing the birds out. I saw a rather large flock of geese flying low over where I went this morning on my way to work, I tried telling them I have the Goose Flu but they didnt buy it.

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    Default Big flight last night

    We were in the front yard and a big flight of mallards was headed down the Chena. They were flying for 20 minutes or better. Anywhere from a few to 50 or more in a flock. Lots of big ducks in there.
    Most came by my place after legal shooting, but a few were headed to the Tanana just about right for somebody to get some gunning in if they happened to be in the right spot.
    Last night was the biggest flight I've seen this year.

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    greg, lets go! I'll give you a call.....I tried one nite after work this week..need to make some slight changes, we were pegged way to easily, my kayak is a bit to WHITE for a brown grass lake shore LOL! oops. We had it drug up back in the woods a ways...

    Picked up some burlap sacks from the shop, plan on cutting them open, and basically making a make shift cover out of them for the kayak.

    I'll give you a call tonight.

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    Get'em guys! I left for home on r&r on the 21st aug I work in Nuiqsut .Up on the slope by Alpine. When I left there were geese everywhere. I came back on the 6th the geese and ducks are all but gone seen some large flocks of high flying geese last week several hundred to a flock when I was out working my lab, and one family gaggle today in the middle of the road but for the most part the water fowl has left the far north. So get your dog and get your gun set some deeks and blast em when they come by. Cause my only day was on the first with my boy. Did some home work went back to work brought my gun and the FOWL buggers had left. So they definately have to be flying your way. Good luck!!

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    Default POW Island

    I am just beginning to see flights of northern ducks around here.

    Teal, Pintail and Widgeon are stopping over for a rest and I did see a large flight of Cacklers.


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