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Thread: Chugiak area Sandhill crane hunting?

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    Default Chugiak area Sandhill crane hunting?

    I'm new to the Eagle River/Chugiak area, I'd like to hunt Sand Hill cranes and do some duck hunting. Anybody have ideas/experience in this area they would be willing to share? If anyone is already going and is willing to host a tag-a-long- I more than pay my way and am quite safe with a firearm (won't shoot anywhere near your dog(s).

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    Try down on the flats behind birchwood airport. If you walk down the tracks through the railroad yard (you may be able to drive through). When you get to the end there is an old trail on the other side or you may be able to go through at the shooting range I hunted down there everyday after school as a kid its not the best but it ain't bad. If you try it tell us how you do.


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