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Thread: fall patterns for big 'bows

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    Default fall patterns for big 'bows

    just finished up the charter season and finally got down the Kenai for some bow and dollie fishing a few days ago... 8mm natural roe beads were fishing hot!

    now I got my vise out to tie up some fall patterns and having trouble deciding what to tie first...articulated flesh, egg/flesh, leech, egg-sucking leech... you know how it goes... figured I'd start a post for this sorta dilemma to help stimulate some creativity on these rainy days.

    I'm planning to fish the upper Kenai at least ten times in the next couple weeks and then head out to the Naknek in mid October for a couple more. I've yet to break the 30" mark for the monster 'bows....

    tight lines and happy fishing!

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    dolly llamas, feel free to tie a few for me.
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    Default No kidding.....

    Those suckers get expensive.....especially if your fishing the tree infested streams on the Parks.....My boys go through between 15 - 20 of those things(dolly Llamas) in one weekend of fishing....but it's worth it. Great suggestion. The bigger, the better. My opinion. Never experimented much with them on the Kenai, though. Anyone have opinions on this?

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    Default Dali Lamas

    Here's a link to an old thread:

    I have had great success with DL's on the upper Kenai. They can be a bit of a chore to tie, but after you get the procedure down, they aren't that bad. The old thread has a picture of one I tied and a fish caught with it in the upper Kenai, as well as some quick tying instructions.

    I'm certainly not an expert, but my version does catch fish. The bows attack these flies with a vengeance!

    Happy tying and fishing.

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    hard to go wrong with the good old wooly bugger
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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