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Thread: leaving in the morning...

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    Smile leaving in the morning...

    Finally packed and heading up to the Koyukuk in the morning with 2 friends, lots of good food and guns. If the engines run good it will be a good trip. If they don't I will wonder why I took my big boat so far away from it's trailer. Hopefully I will have some big moose pics and smiles to post when I get back. I will be staying close to the boat and calling moose, they will be in the inflatable hunting sloughs and lakes. We are going to wait 7 days for my friend with the DM830 tag to shoot a moose he is happy with. After he does or after the 7th day we are shooting 1 subsistance bull. At least that is the plan. I bought one of those cow moose decoys from Montana Decoys and I have some scent stuff. It will give me something to do. Who knows, maybe she will help me entice a big bull over to us. I have named her "Miss September", it seemed fitting.

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    Good luck, be safe, and take lots of pics! Will look forward to your story when you return.

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    Thumbs up crying....

    wahhhh !! u have to drive by me to get there!!....i want to go!!!(unless u drop in i do...any trouble on the way thur fbks ...let me know...sleeping/repair spot etc.. six 87 rtwoo tooo oh 1

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    Hope you have a great trip good luck and be safe. I hope to do a Yukon hunt next year.


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