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Thread: Matsu lake

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    Default Matsu lake

    Anybody fish at Matanuska lake by kepler baradley????

    i usually fly fish there and dont have that much good luck.

    Does anyone have any tackle tips or bait to use there??

    There are also stocked arctic char in there and i would like to know what kinds of flies they like.


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    Flyfishing might not be the best strategy for char, since I think they tend to hang deeper in the water column. I'm only basing this on my experience and what I've been told by others: char usually stay down at least 15 feet and usually deeper than that. I know they'll hit on salmon eggs and small jigs. I've never seen anyone catch one in a lake with a fly, but I maybe never noticed.

    Here's the ADF&G lake map for Matanuska Lake. There's a link there to stocking information for the lake. Looks like they last put char in there August of 2008, but I don't know how often they update the information.


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