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Thread: any reviews on a polaris 800 dragon

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    Default any reviews on a polaris 800 dragon

    was wondering if anybody has one and how do you like it. Thanks

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    They need to figure out the motor more.
    They like to burn up in the mid-range and coming off full throttle runs.
    700 will do everything the 800 does with better gas milage.
    Lots of info on the net about the 800 problems.

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    The 07s had fuel mapping and oil injection issues. The oil issue was fixed for 08 but the fuel mapping persisted. There was a noticeable bog if you went from half throttle to full. Idle to full and it screamed. Polaris sent out a reflash to the dealerships. The 09 dragons were mostly good but there were some issues with cylinder burn downs for riders at lower elevations.

    Beyond that the RAW chassis is very nimble and easy to maneuver

    I don't own one but I've been following this closely--thinking about getting one.

    I second the plug for the Liberty 700. Rock solid. Best motor Poo ever built (My 03 RMK 700 still runs awesome)

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    Thumbs down Simple

    Polaris will get this one right if it cost them them Bank!
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    The Chassis is by far the easiest to ride. I switched over from the REV, and it felt natural from the start.

    As far as the engine, people have had burn downs do to a lean spot in the mid range, and single ring pistons which contributed to heat. We have not found personnally anyone whos had that issue. either way, polaris, with the help of outside company, redesigned the engine, with new cylinders, pistons (dual ring now), head and fuel mapping. From reliable sources, this new engine is great. We shall see I suppose. ALL 800's are getting the new parts installed as we speak at dealers. Polaris also designed a new silencer for low altitudes for 2010.

    For myself, I did order a 2010 Dragon 800, before the engine came out, so I'm more excited now!


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