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Thread: first compound bow advice/help

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    Default first compound bow advice/help

    I have been shooting a PSE Optima recurve for about 10 years and am ready to upgrade to a compound bow. I think I have narrowed my choices down to either the Parker Trailblazer XP, PSE Stinger, or the Martin Saber.

    Any of your advice/thoughts and recommendations on compound bows under the $500 mark would be great.


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    May I ask why you chose those bows as your top three? Was it from reviews, or have you actually shot them? The #1 most important piece of advice when I bought a new bow just over a year ago was to shoot as many bows as I could. I spent many, many nights shooting every bow I could get my hands on. I bet I shot well over 30 different models before I finally settled on my choice. I got to know a handful of other guys at the archery shop that were going through the same process as me. The funny thing is that we all ended up with a different choice. The thing is that bow feel is a very personal thing. What feels right in my hands won't be the same as what feels best to you. Admittedly, all new compounds will feel great compared to what you're used to shooting. If you spend enough time shooting enough bows, though, you'll find that some of them just have a sweet ring to them, while others either feel dead in your hands or feel too sharp. That was my experience, at least...

    Shoot lots of bows...and enjoy!


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