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    Looking for any information I can find or ideas for a hunt for Moose or Caribou or both on the Noatak River.

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    I have spent time in Kotzebue and I have hunted both the Noatak and Kobuk rivers. I never saw moose but that doesn't mean they were not there. Caribou were not a problem, if you hit it right.

    It is unclear to me, if you are looking to fly out and be dropped off. There are a few different folks that will fly you out. Look Lee Stahli up in Kiana. He has a little air taxi business and he may fly you out of Kiana.

    If you want to go by boat, Look Lorry Scheurch up in Kiana. If you looking in the phone book, his first name is Lorenz.

    Anyway, I will do some digging, and I will PM you when I have more info.


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