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    After this last weekend I think its time.

    Picture from top of Glacier Island last weekend, the whole sound was socked in. We where able to navigate back to Ester before dark but the trip was slow.

    Broadband Radar: Google it

    Crystal clear image, Instant-on..Has no magnetron, Low power consumption and extremely low radiation output. It wonít interfere with GPS or VHS antennas Iím told; allows for more mounting options.

    I witnessed a demo the other day and have to say they are quite impressive, but with anything new prices are still high. About $1700 for just the radar unite, display and mounting hardware sold separately. So youíre looking at around $2800 for the package. Iím sure prices will come down, Iím holding out for a package under 2K.

    The switch to Broadband Radar will be like going from 8 tracks to CDs.

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    We were in Perry Island all weekend long. Watched the fog completely suround us, but for whatever reason it never got directly ontop of us. Luckily the real thick stuff was gone by monday evening. We have radar though, so we weren't too worried. Sure was a nasty looking bank as it approached us though.


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