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Thread: Moose hunt busted

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    Default Moose hunt busted

    Just finished up my hunt and was sort of bummed. We went up the noatak and tried for a moose. seen a couple but never found one large enough. I am trieing to find another spot to hunt under the general harvest lic. for non resident. I dont beleive I will ever be able to afford to come up here again would like to keep trying for another moose. I am not after a trophy. I was told around fairbanks was a good place and there are general harvest places there and lots of moose. Is it true?

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    yeah, i've heard the noatak is not that great most people up here love to shoot the young bulls and they get shot up pretty bad from the sounds of it. this is the only area ive hunted and i would say the kobuk would be better if your stuck up this way... well the better of the two anyhow.

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    Default Early

    I have only 1 time hunting north of Noatak but I would say you are too early. the year we hunted there we saw more moose toward the end of the season (from Sept 13 to 15).

    I don't know about seasons this year but, if they are still open, a float on Birch Creek, Beaver Creek, or the Mosquito fork of 40-mile river might do the trick. Actually road hunting the Steese Highway is a popular (maybe too popular) way to hunt moose. When spotted, a spot & stalk follows. BTW, I have no experience with road hunting in Alaska.
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    There are good bulls on the Kobuk and Noatak, though they get old by not getting shot. Slick Moose are old moose in this country. Been seeing about the same ammount of out of towners boating by.
    Moose move around this time of year, so here to day, gone tonight in search of "Her" is fairly what is on a Moose' mind.

    Sometimes its hot, sometimes not, just gotta keep hunting.

    Good luck.
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