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Thread: Any Candian Laws Against Kevlar?

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    Question Any Candian Laws Against Kevlar?

    I have 2 vests that will make the trip with me to the north, an Aramid flak jacket and a black concealable level 2A Kevlar vest. Any laws on the books in Canada against the transportation of these? What about knives, tomahawks or machetes? Thanks!

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    Whats yer travel timeline? Perhaps mailing them on the US side
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    Ballistic armor is not illegal to own or possess by someone who does not have a criminal history (and they wouldn't allow you in anyway if that were true.) I brought one in/through Canada a few years ago and declared it (just in case) with no problem. Apparently some people have had problems importing one through the mail but that is a different issue (tariffs/taxes I imagine.)


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