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Thread: What to look for in a fall black bear hunting area

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    Default What to look for in a fall black bear hunting area

    Any hints on finding a good spot for fall spot and stalk black bear hunting? Aside from picking a hillside and hunting between 2500 and 3000 feet, what else am I looking for? Iím assuming that berries growing with good cover nearby would be preferred to those without it. Do you seen many black bears feeding on berries that are Ĺ mile or more from good cover? Are south or north facing hills better? What else should I look for when I pick a spot?

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    BERRIES! Find the Berries. They dont seem to care much about cover, North Side vs. South Side, etc in the fall. They just mow through the berries. Get to a spot where you can glass multiple open hillsides with berries, and sit tight and glass. When you spot one, figure your route and go! They tend to move fast while feeding. Good Luck!

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    Default open areas

    Look to target the bears in big open areas. That way as you make your way to them you wont get the slip of them moving into the brush to sleep. look over all the hill sides even if you dont think their are berrys their they are. just look over ever open area you can and you will find them.

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    Default umm

    berries berries and more berries

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    I don't know about what other people do but I just look for a hillside w/ bears on it. Seems effective so far <grin>

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    Quote Originally Posted by WIsam View Post
    ? What else should I look for when I pick a spot?

    Bears are a good start...
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