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Thread: duck patterns?

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    Default duck patterns?

    am i the only one that can't seem to pattern these birds? one morning, i see flocks of 6-10 birds coming in every 20 or 30 minutes. the next morning, notta. there are a series of bogs i hunt, and normally if i don't find them in one, they are right up the river off another bog. not this year, they seem to be in every bog, or none at all. i'm having a hard time figuring out if these are resident birds getting pushed out of the area, or if i'm catching early migrators. any theories? on another note, the days we see birds, we hear other hunters getting plenty of shots as well. i don't think i'm sitting on the one bog that isn't holding birds, as there are cars parked at nearly all of the spots i know of, and nobody seems to really be hitting birds on the days we've found to be slow. i dont' get it?

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    The only ducks I have seen in any kind of quantity where I hunt is GWT. that said my former boss and I were talking ducks the other day and he gets his northern birds info from his brother up north. According to his brother the birds arent moving yet. I am thinking we might have a "late" migration this year. I havent seen anywhere near the numbers of Cranes or Geese grouped together at trunk rd UAF fields or near the Palmer airport. If I remember right last year the birds were already gearing up here getting ready to leave. I think we have just been pushing around local birds.

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    You guys have to remember that there is a lot of area in Cook Inlet that people can not easily get to. It does not take much pressure to move birds out into areas where no body will ever push them out of. This place is not like the L48 were there are limited food and water sources for the birds which makes them flock up.

    Any year that there is a low production there will be fewer birds around. In August I noted that Mudd and Gull lakes did not have as many birds as "normal". However everytime there birds were around so I didn't think much of it until now when the season is open.


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