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    anyone order from

    Looks like you can get some good deals. Not sure about their reputation.

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    Default red truck

    I have ordered a few things from Red Truck, and so have some of the guys I fish with. I was pleased with shipping time, shipping prices, and customer service.

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    I've ordered from them twice. The first time was for Simms waders. I had to call to ask when they would be shipped. Got them around two weeks after I ordered but for a hundred bucks off of Retail. Then bought several shirts and some small fly fishing items. Order processed but didn't ship again. I waited a week and then sent an email asking if something was backordered...crickets. I waited another week and finally called. Cust service was very apologetic saying that one item was backordered. I mentioned that letting the customer know would be good "customer service". He called back the next day and said it was sold out in my size. I said to remove it and ship the rest. Three days later, got the shipping notification.
    Cust service was nice, the equipment arrived in excellent condition and the deals are smokin' but it seems to me they're still "figuring" out the shipping thing. However, it's only $5 so I guess it's still a great deal. Just stay on top of them on the order.

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    Red Truck is a great site, They are the clearance center for the larger Leland Fly Fishing company out of san francisco, who has won a fair share of "retailer of the year" awards from the various fly fishing mags. Great customer service and fantastic deals. The red truck site has a lot of the overstock, restock, and showroom gear, so make sure you read the description carefully so you know what you are getting, but it's a great way to get gear on the cheap. I got my waders, boots, jacket, and a few tools from them because they had the best prices by far. I support the local guys when I can, but the waders I bought almost $200 off retail for overstock, new in the box.

    Happy shopping


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