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    I have been hunting ducks/geese for a few years now. This year the ducks/geese have seemed to dry up quick. Any suggestions on where to head to this weekend to find some?

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    Default wish i knew

    i've been trying to get as much hunting in as i can before i move out of state in two weeks. i did pretty well on the knik river, opposite side of the river from jim creek a week ago. since then the ducks seem to have been pressured out of the area. we still see a few here and there, but the day before opener i counted upwards of 50 ducks in each of my fav. bogs. now, we are moving throughout the day just finding three or four at a time. early mornings are the best in my opinion, as we just aren't seeing them fly in the evenings. we jump shot a few last night, but after four hours decoying in a bog up the river that normally produces well, we saw just one duck, and he didn't like what he saw and never came in. i'm packing the house all day, so evenings are the only time i really get a chance to go out. i'd like to try someplace different, but i live off the knik river, and its the only place close enough for me to be able to hunt. good luck guys.

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    OK, I am not asking for you to give up your spot, I am a trapper, I understand. I would just like to know if there is an area to go. Maybe Delta or another place. Your help would be great. I just want to take my little 9 year old girl out duck hunting this year. Thanks.

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    There are only a few Fairbanks guys on here. PM one of them and see what they can provide.

    If your birds are drying up and our birds down here are drying up it does not sound good for the rest of the season.

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    Im up in Fairbanks and it did get slow very quickly for ducks...Geese and Crane are still around and plentifull and the Geese are very callable...As far as the ducks the weather has just been way to hot...there are still plenty around just tucked in to holes that are staying cool...Just wait for the weather to drop and crappy weather to roll in and they will all be around again....same thing happened last year and I was smoking birds in mid October...had to bust ice but was well worth it.....


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