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Thread: Wanting to start

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    Default Wanting to start

    I've been thinking for a few years about running a trap line....I dont know anything at all, I just have the area to do it. If anyone can suggest any books or offer advice id appriciate it thanks

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    I'm not much of a trapper, but having been raised by one, I would suggest that you try to hook up with the Alaska Trappers Association. They put out a magazine, have regular meetings, and can hook you up with classes that will put you on the right track to figuring it all out. Starting out can be a bit daunting, but surrounding yourself with knowledgable people is a great way to go.


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    I would subscribe to the following mags:
    The Trapper and Predator Caller
    and also join the Nat. Trappers Assoc. They put out a good mag.
    Online you can read and the Alaska Trapping Forum. You will have to become a member of the Alaska Forum to be able to read it.
    I think there is a group in the Mat Su called the Alaska Frontier Trappers Assoc. if they are still around check them out.
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    You can also try There is a lot of good information on there for beginners. Don't get frustrated. I never had any hands on experience. I learned over email and the internet. There are piles of good info out there.

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    Default Be a DIY Trapper

    The internet forums are a wealth of information. Lets see you have, the Alaska Trappers Forum and This Forum to name a few. Be careful, because you can spend litterally the WHOLE Trapping Season just reading and learning from the forums, you have to remember to get out and trap too.

    The way I see it, the only way to learn is to buy traps, follow a few simple rules you learned from reading and do it. You have the land to trap on, what a great way to learn.

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