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Thread: Kenai Bow Hunt Opener

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    Thumbs down Kenai Bow Hunt Opener

    I am a little late in posting this little tid-bit of hunting info. Well I was all stoked about hunting the archery season on the kenai. I had spotted a few legal bulls before the opener, close to town and in full veiw of everyone else. Well I thought I would get a jump on all the other guys still snoozing in their beds by staying in the truck where I last saw a bull walk into the woods. The plan was working well when the bull I was after walked out on the road at 2 am 25 yards from me. I watched him for about an hour as he slowly fed up the bar ditch. At about 3 am I was still in my truck window down and lights off just waiting for the first sign of morning. The bull was about 100 yrds ahead of me just feeding away from me. A truck pulled around the corner and caught him in his headlights stopped backed up and put the high beams on him. The next thing I saw amazed me at the gaul of some people a man got out of his truck bow in hand and let one fly. The bull tore through the woods, well I was stunned I started my truck turned on the lights and drove up to him. When I got there the man was getting into the truck. I asked him if he got him and with a stutter he said yeah got him and drove away. Well I was alittle more than pissed so I called the troopers to report the kill and the lady I talked to said " its ok bow season just opened at midnight " I said he shot it using his headlights. She said she would dispatch a trooper and I gave her what info I could and left my number. I left the are and drove around for a while but decided to return about half and hour later. No lights no cops no hunter nothing... So I called back and I got the same lady she said she talked to a trooper and as long as he was fifty yards off the road it was ok. Well to make a long story short I don't think anything came of it and come to find out the moose was seen wounded later that day. I was very disappointed at the fact their wasn't some action taken at the time of the call. I am not sure if I have grounds to be pissed. But I thought I would put it out there and see waht comes of it.

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    Default thats bull

    man that sure is some bull to hear and that the troppers did not do anything about it.

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    I hate to say but I am sure that the troopers have more critical issues to deal with than someone shooting with their headlights. I know it is sad that they can't address everything, I know some troopers and prosecutors and they would love to take on everthing but it is all about prioritization.

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    Your plan was working right up until you DIDN'T take the shot at 2 a.m.!! I'm assuming there was no moonlight and you could not see your pins, so you are off the hook... heehee.

    Problem is the other guy probably couldn't see his pins because he didn't have his night vision as you did, so he just jumped out and FLUNG (FLINGED) an arrow his way. Bummer, and I hope you turned him in properly if he shot from the roadway!

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    Notice the surprise in my tone--NOT! Yeah, I would be pissed too! And I'm sure had I pulled that s*** the troopers wouldn't have had something better to do. It's a shame that happened to you though! Maybe next time, you did the right thing waiting though.

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    I guess every one else has forgotten the fact that the use of artificial light is illegal?
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    Default Huh?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    I guess every one else has forgotten the fact that the use of artificial light is illegal?
    That was mentioned in a few of the posts above. Don't think anyone forgot about that being illegal except for the shooter.


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