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Thread: the ultimate 1911 pistol with access

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    Default the ultimate 1911 pistol with access

    ok here goes ..
    here my take on a something about haveing one gun for all around use ..

    so you are trained on the same trigger action set up along with the same safety system on the pistol

    the pistol put togerther by a pistol gunsmith to make sure all the items work togerther..

    n-1-full sized 45.acp government model with all the things done to it to make a great fighting pistol

    -x-keep it lose to make sure it run right with all ammo along with a little polish here and there on some of the inisde pistol parts as need
    -x-5.pd trigger
    -x-good set of pistol grips
    -x-good drop in barrel set up
    -x-dehone the pistol completely on all edges and corners
    -x-golf ball stripper the front grip
    -x-commander hammer
    -x-high grip beaver trail safety system
    -x-fixed combat night sights by 10-8-
    -x-wilson tactical mag release
    -x-wilson fbi fireing pin system with bullet proof fireing pin and fireing pin stops
    -x-wilson bullet proof extractors
    -x-wilson bullet proof slide stop
    -x-wilson tactical thumb safety
    -x-full length guide rod and spring system
    -x-drawson quick on off light rail system attched to the frame
    -x-open up the mag well area for faster mag reloads

    special item that used for my so called fun gun set up

    -x-left side of frame has my own design quick on off scope mount system for use as need that made to my specs
    -x-ed brown bobtail round butt conversion set up with a machined out area for shoulder stock
    -x-drop in javis thread pistol barrel for suppressor use as need with thread protector units on barrel as need

    with-x-8.rd mags -x-9-mags for carry and use in a rotateing system of three mags
    with-x-10.rd mags -x-4-mags for home use as need
    with -x-wilson-7.rd gi mags -x-4-mags for pratice that are beater typle mags for training with and pratice set up
    with -x-2-cttc mags for pratice
    with surefire weapon light with a dsg switch system with quick on off rail attachment system for drawson rail for home defense and personal defense as need

    fun gun set up items
    -x-custom made man from uncle reworked style fixed buttstock shoulder stock
    -x-aimpoint m-2-red-dot scope with kill flash lens unit with single arm scope mount system
    -x-gemtech pistol suppressor unit

    n-2-start add diff typles of slides for use in diff areas..

    -1-slide-conversion kit cal for cheap pratice and small game hunting with-x-6-extras mags

    -2-slide-conversion backwoods personal defense for back woods game animals as need with-x-4-extras mags

    with the gi upper installed it would be a great all around backwoods gun for it the same trigger system along with the same safety system that you are used to useing so in a panic draw from a chest holster all things that you do with a normal 1911 pistol are there with the training and tactics to use the pistol as need ..

    plus you are not buying a two or three diff pistol and revolvers for diff typles of outdoor use along personal defense carry as need ..

    when i get done with the problems down here in ca i am going to get up and after i get settle in i am going to find me a good machine and trinker typle gunsmith and going to put togerther the ultimate 1911 pistol for sale to people ..

    for iam going to try to keep it under less than $.3500.dollars total for it to be put togerther and working ..

    i have been playing around with idea about building the pistol now for a few years ..

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    I figure all the bigger bore revolvers will do just as much,maybe better and for alot less money.For the same money you could have three or four of the same revolver and insted of twenty mags to keep running right a speed loader or two will work.JMHO

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    i just something that i was thinking about and playing with the diff slide conversion set up for the pistol to make it all around one weapon ..

    that the whole idea behind with the diff slides unit you can do diff things with it ..
    22 lr pratice slide for pratice and small game hunting
    45.acp slide for ccw carry and med sized game like deer and wild hogs at ranges under 40.yards with a red dot scope for hunting.. slide for backwoods carry for big bad game like bear and moose if need be as a back up handgun to the rifle ..

    think about the money in the long run if you do not have to buy diff mag loaders and aceess parts for each weapon that you own like holsters and mag pouch and speedloader pouchs..

    just by haveing one pistol with diff slides instead of multi pistol to do one job only ..this way you basic pistol is fill in at diff role models ..

    also think about the training time behind the the each weapon that you have to take and relearn some things over again .

    like a s&w revolver cylinder release is pushed down to release the cylinder or a colt gets pulled to the back to release the cylinder etc etc etc

    with the same frame set up with diff slides you get the following items

    you have the same trigger pull each time the weapon is fired so no going over to a diff trigger pull on diff handgun

    the safety is in the same place so it work that each time you use it there is no fumlbing with the safety in a panic draw

    the mag release is in the same place same thing as the in the tactical or mag reload the it the same thing that you pratice a 1000.times before

    the pistol reloads the same way each time no diff reloading tactics with a speedloader set up..hands met hands for reloading in a panic

    the slide release is in the same spot ..hitting the slide release to release the slide a 1000 times before in training .

    so training with the weapon is the same no matter what slide is on the pistol at the time..

    yes some pistol and revolver do have a single use for them ,.,
    but as a gun owner and person that like to shoot here and there cheaper in the long run to have one gun with multi tasked typle slidesto do diff things and not have to go and buy three or four diff pistol or revolvers to do the single point task of a working handgun .. ..

    that just a idea here ..

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    ok you buy a good well around typle saight out of the box 1911 pistol

    here the cost for one-x-11oo..oo dollars

    plus throw in a set of access items for the cost of -x-300.oo

    now buy a brand new s&w revolver big bore back county handgun -x-1200.oo

    plus throw in a set of access items for the cost of -x-400.oo dollars

    small ccw in town carry pistol -here the cost for one-x-550.oo dollars

    plus throw in a set of access items for the cost of-x-250.oo

    so now let add up the cost total for those three handguns..$.3800.00 dollars now add in the cost of range time along with training to get really good on the each weapon that about with ammo along with diff schools that you go to train on the pistol..-x-2500.00

    for a grand total of all the units is-x-$.6300.dollars total..

    but take a lot if i can set up with a couple of people i know in the states to set up the pistol then when you the person that buy my set up.,

    you get the following items inside the hardshell plastic weapon stowage case..

    -x-pistol with all its mods on it
    -x-diff cal slide complete kits items ready to fire with barrel and complete slide set ups.
    -x-diff mags for the dif slide as listed on the first part of the post..
    -x-holster for ccw carry along with off side mag pouch
    -x-cleaning kit with all items to clean the diff slides and barrels in own flat round case
    -x-mtm-100.rd ammo box-x-45.acp cal
    -x-mtm-50.rd ammo
    -x-mag loader tool set up
    -x-surefire m-200.b model weapon light with dsg switch ..
    -x-surefire-sc-1-spare lightblub and battie case

    iam going to leave room in the case for a double -d-diamond leather chest holster for the pistol ..

    now if i can get this going with the help of a couple of my freinds and family members down in the lower 48s. states i figure i can come under 3500.dollar price range for all those items put into a complete package for a person to own for handgun use ..

    like i said guy it just a idea..

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    I now use a Ruger Alaskan 454 for the woods and carry 45colt XTP around town.No add ons are needed and if six shots ain't enough your probably out of the game anyway. I do love the Colt 1911 gun and have owned a few from the coustom shop that were so tricked out they no longer shot. When you change your slides you need to change ejectors and I would want a different trigger pull for the 22lr than the same pull as the 50cal.I believe it would be a fine dream gun and as long as you loved it you would be fine but fear you would take a beating if you tried to recoup your money with a sale.You see it with the tricked out rifles on our guns for sale forum all the timeJMHO

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    it just a idea that you think about..


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